All of our beef is Choice. Our steaks are aged and hand-cut right here – never frozen!

Try any of our meats with a choice of: Plain Old Horseradish, Creamy Horseradish Sauce, Garlic Herb Butter, Blue Cheese Butter, Béarnaise Sauce

Also known as a Delmonico Steak – 14 oz hand cut choice ribe eye grilled to your liking with au jus & sauteed button mushrooms

5 ounces on a buttery crouton with sauteed button mushrooms and a side of bearnaise 

14 ounces of Cantonese marinated choice sirloin tips

We’ll charbroil it to order!

We’ll charbroil it to order!

7-ounce Filet on a Buttery Crouton with Sauteed Button Mushrooms and a Side of Bearnaise.