Always some great
homemade desserts!

Sometimes we’re HOT and sometimes we’re not.

Enough to share! Nobody makes it better than we do! Oreo cookies, nuts & a touch of coffee liqueur top and bottom mounds of coffee ice cream in-between… then HOT FUDGE & WHIPPED CREAM!

We make ’em big and chewy, heat ’em up a bit and then top with your choice of ice cream & hot fudge.

A chocolate chip cookie cup filled with fudge, heated & topped with ice cream, whipped cream & chocolate sauce.

Ice cream with hot fudge & whipped cream, even with nuts if you want!

The RPP’s fabulous coffee-plus drinks. Conspicuously concocted with amazing dexterity and complete aplomb!

  • Jamacian (Tia Maria & Myers)
  • RPP Warmer (Courvoisier, Tia Maria & Cointreau),
  • Coffee Keoke (Kahlua & Brandy),
  • Lithuanian (Kahlua, Amaretto & Cointreau),
  • Continental Extraordinaire (Kahlua, Southern Comfort & Cointreau) and
  • the Nutty Irishman (Franjelico, Kahlua & Bailey’s Irish Cream).

Chill out while tantalizing your taste buds! Strawberry & Raspberry daiquiris, plain & fancy Margaritas, Mudslides, Piña coladas, OR just describe your favorite concoction and we’ll see what our blender can do!